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RocketBaby – Christmas Update 23 December 2007

Posted by David Wilson in USB Missile.
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Seasons Greetings everyone…

Thanks to a group of dedicated testers and in particular one with a USB Protocol Analyser we do have a release of the USB Missile Launcher NZ software that you can use with your Mac. I have not been able to test this release against the RocketBaby launcher as I don’t have one … yet … One of these launchers is in transit to me though it now seems unlikely that it will arrive on my doorstep before Christmas.

The testing team have reported good things at this point with the software, it now controls the launcher and fires… though there may be some things that don’t work so well (like the diagonal commands).


These are at different locations to the normal ones as I am not happy to replace the normal download links at this stage, I don’t what the other supported launchers to break especially while I’m away over the next week or so. Though I’d be surprised if there were any issues. All downloads here a relative to the v1.4.9 build 140 release.

Installer within Disk Image package – this is for everyone

Source code package – if you want to play.

You will need Xcode installed, and probably Xcode 3 as supplied with Leopard. There is more work to do on this release and I hope to do that once I get my hands on the launcher. If anyone has suggestions or even changes the code themselves to make improvements I’d really like to see what you’ve done and get the source updates so that the software can evolve.



1. Jim Shorts - 26 December 2007

v1.4.9 does not appear to work with the RocketBaby

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