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New Windows DreamCheeky Launcher software 5 June 2007

Posted by David Wilson in USB Missile.

Windows users who have been after some better software to control their USB Missile Launcher are at last able to break free from the vendor supplied software. Anthony Mason has taken on the task of authoring the new software and included some very nice features that extend your use of the launcher.

SharpLauncher Window

Camera support is included, though it did not work for me running under Parallels on my MacBook Pro, your millage may vary. One really nice feature is the ability to prime the missile firing tank, this significantly reducing the delay between pressing the fire button and the actual fire. The “slow motion” feature is another nice touch. Once activated the diagional movement buttons are removed.

I can confirm for Mac uses that the software does run under Parallels on Windows XP.

Make sure that you download and install the 1.2 version of the SharpLauncher software. Anthony has made the source code for this release available as well – it’s a real bonus!

Anthony Mason’s web site for the Sharp Launcher.

Download links for the installer, documentation, and source code are available on Anthon’s web page.



1. AntMason - 6 June 2007

I should note that this is a alpha release of the software, and please let me know if you find any bugs. I also plan (as soon as I buy one) to add support for the Striker missile launcher.

2. cmarti5 - 25 July 2007

I get the following message when running V 1.2 or V 1.3A under Win XP.

“The application failed to initialize properly…”

The USB test application sees my Dream Cheeky unit.

Anyone else see this?

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