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Another Development Update – April 2007 30 April 2007

Posted by David Wilson in USB Missile.

With global help, thanks Kevin, I have ben able to track down the issues that have been occuring with the DreamCheeky Launcher. It seems that recently purchased launchers do not accept the Launcher Control Codes that I have been sending. This has been fixed, to a point, where my launcher responds to the commands and the new launcher responds to commands. For those interested the USB control details are below, note that a buffer overflow is returned from this command, it is being ignored.

devRequest.bmRequestType = USBmakebmRequestType(kUSBOut, kUSBClass, kUSBInterface);
devRequest.bRequest = 0x09;
devRequest.wValue = 0x0000200;
devRequest.wIndex = 0;
devRequest.wLength = 8;
devRequest.pData = reqBuffer;

The special key here is wValue of 0x200 (though I have no idea what it does).

The next development update is for AppleScript support! This works:

tell application "USB Missile Launcher NZ"
move right seconds 2
move left seconds 2
move up seconds 1
move down seconds 1
delay 7
end tell

And… I _may_ have fixed the issue with the laser not working correctly on the Striker II.
I have also added a check on application startup to verify that the require kext files are installed in /System/Library/Extensions. The application lets you continue to run, though does provide a warning that things may not function as expected.



1. Gary Sterley - 2 May 2007

thank the lord for your new development, my cube is defenseless right now.

I will cross my fingers and hope for 10.3.9 support as well.

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