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USB Missile Launcher NZ – Development Update – April 2007 11 April 2007

Posted by David Wilson in USB Missile.

Changes to the Missile Launcher software are continuing, so far this month the new version has:

  • German Language Support
  • AppleScript Support
  • AppleScript support has been a bit of a mission. It’s working! Not sure I’ve implemented it in an ideal way though.
    Here’s an example script:
    tell application "USB Missile Launcher NZ"
    delay 1
    delay 1
    delay 1
    delay 1
    delay 3
    end tell

    You get the idea.

    Known Problems
    Two issues have been reported to me this month

      1. On the Striker II the laser only “blinks once” when you try to activate it. I have not been able to resolve this.
      2. Two other users, both with MacBook Pro’s have reported that their DreamCheeky launchers do not work with the USB Missile Launcher NZ software, though it does on the same machine under parallels. So far through may e-mails and exchange of files, I have been able to identify (c/- System Profiler) that under Software/Extensions the IOUSBFamily file does not have a “Integrity:Correct” setting (like mine). And on at least one of the machines the IOUSBCompositeDriver, IOUSBHIDDriver, and IOUSBUserClient client is now shown. I’m still seeking more information on this, initial thoughts are that the OS install is corrupted and that a re-install of the OS may be required (Archive and Re-Install).


    1. Alex Suzuki - 20 April 2007

    Hi David,

    About the issue on the Striker II laser just blinking once, you might want to have a look at my driver, it works for me. You have to send a release command immediately after sending the command to toggle the laser.


    Hope this helps,

    2. naisioxerloro - 29 November 2007

    Good design, who make it?

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