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USB Missile Launcher – 1.4f Release 13 March 2007

Posted by David Wilson in USB Missile.

Very Important.
Please read the ReadMe file that accompanies this release for known issues.
Joystick support exists and is likely to work with most modern joysticks, older ones may have issues.
For setup and configuration of the StrikerII please below (known issues).

What’s new in this release?

  • Added joystick detection
  • Added preference pane for joystick support, ability to control sensitivity and reversal of X and Y axies
  • Added preference pane for launcher support. This allows users to change the USB Product ID and USB Vendor ID and Launcher type. Provides support for 3 Launcher products/vendors.
  • Fixed potential memory leak in my USB code
  • Application icon is changed to a DreamCheeky Rocket if it is the first or only launcher connected
  • Added support for the Striker II Launcher – the Laser checkbox will only work on the Striker II

Note 1: This release will reset existing user preferences on first application launch.
Note 2: Tested joysticks include: Logitech Attack 3, Saitek Cyborg Evo Wireless.
Note 3: The introduction of the launcher preference pane is a potential foundation for allowing users to enter launcher control codes thus eliminating the requirement for a software release when new launchers are made available.

Known Issues
Striker II
WARNING – You cannot have the the Original Missile Launcher and the Striker II connected to the Missile Launcher NZ software at the same time.

For Those wishing to use the Striker II, you need to go to the preferences (launcher panel) and change the drop down menu from OrigLauncher to StrikerII, click the Apply button. Then quit and restart the application.

Some problems were experienced during the testing process that have not yet been completely resolved. To setup your Striker II access the Launcher preference pane. Make sure that the Vendor ID = 4400 and the Product ID = 514 and set the Launcher Type to StrikerII. You then must click the Apply button and quit and restart the launcher program. The unresolved issue is that the Striker II may have to be in the Launcher 1 slot in the preferences or that the Origional Launcher is left undefined.

Program output can be found in the console.log (run the console program in the utilities folder to see the messages emitted by the program).

A new feature in version 1.4f I have been able to test the software with only a limited number of joysticks. So far my testing has met with a 75% success. The joystick that did not work as rather old. I have not been able to undertake more testing with this particular device. Your milage may vary.

Please click in the download link in the sidebar.

Good luck with your office warfare!
Happy hunting!



1. Josh M Dye - 14 March 2007

Works with- MacAlley iShock II & MS Sidewinder

both of these gamepad I tried worked, but to fire nyoiu have tp hold down the fire button, ant that dosen’t always work. On the iShock, buttons 1-4 are on the D-Pad, let us type in our own number

2. Josh M Dye - 19 March 2007

I’m surprised to see that no one else has posted anything, anyway back to my point. I forgot to say GREAT WORK

3. David Wilson - 19 March 2007

Thank you.

The Joystick support was a significant effort and I’m pleased with the feedback to date.

The Striker II support was interesting. Especially with the same USB Vendor ID and Product ID and yet a completely different command set that didn’t quite work as specified in the documentation. It was a significant effort to get the documentation as well!

– David

4. JamboM - 27 March 2007

Thank you!

I have got it setup for my Striker II, but the laser toggle only makes the laser flicker and doesnt stay on…


5. Josh Dye - 20 April 2007

dosen’t seem to work with my Logitech Cordless Rumblepad (oh well, back too Gamepad companion). It would also be nice if we hadd FFB on fire & we need the ability to turn off the joystick alltogeter.

6. Josh Dye - 20 April 2007

falsfe alarm. it seems to be my launcher thats faulty

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