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USB Missile Launcher NZ – Development Update 6 March 2007

Posted by David Wilson in USB Missile.

Progress has been slow but steady. I managed to get the required documentation for the Striker II Missile Launcher and make the appropriate coding changes. There was of course some issues as the Striker II uses the same USB Vendor ID and USB Product ID as the origional launcher.

Testing of the new software release has gone global, no really it has! And I need to thank those who have contributed to the development and testing cycle. It’s been extremely hard to test without a launcher sitting next to me. What we found is that the manufacturers documentation didn’t work and the implementation needed some educated guess work.

I’m holding off on a release at the moment as one of the last reports still had issues with the Laser on the Striker II and an application crash as well, unfortunately I have no further details to go on. If there are any Striker II users closer to New Zealand, I wouldn’t mind hearing from you if you’d like to do a bit of testing for me.

The joystick integration has gone well. Everything works on 3 of the joysticks that I have tested. A 4th much older joystick didn’t work at all, it was purchased abck in the Mac OS 9 days.

– David



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