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Striker II – Documentation Wanted 20 February 2007

Posted by David Wilson in USB Missile.

Your help is needed please.

I need to obtain the documentation that is supplied with the Striker II Missile Launcher. The documentation is supposed to include details of the USB codes that are used to control the launcher.

This web site makes reference to it.

If you have one of these, can you e-mail me the documentation if you have my e-mail address, or leave a comment to this posting and I will mail you back. Thanks.



1. Macmade - 21 February 2007

I’ve just bought one of those… There’s no real documentation with it.

I’ve also checked the CD for something useful, but it seems there isn’t anything…

Still, I can send you an disk-image of the CD, if you want… : )

2. Jason Bryant - 21 February 2007

I installed the driver and I found the codes in a PDF!!! Here it is my friend. Please get my Striker II working on my mac 🙂

Taken right from the PDF:

►Hacking & Mods

Do you have what it takes to make your own Striker II Hack? Do not email support
with questions. This information is provided as is for informational purposes only. By
using this product you assume all liability on any hacks, mods, or new software you
may create.

USB Information (hexadecimal values):
Vendor ID: 1130
Product ID: 0202

Toy Command Bytes (hexadecimal values):
Fire Missile = 0x0a
Laser Toggle = 0x0b
Move Left = 0x0c
Move Right = 0x0d
Move Up = 0x0e
Move Down = 0x0f
Release = 0x14

Toy Actions
Fire Missile: send 0x0a
Laser Toggle: send 0x0b then 0x14
Move Left: send 0x0c then 0x14
Move Right: send 0x0d then 0x14
Move Up: send 0x0e then 0x14
Move Down: send 0x0f then 0x14

Sending Toy Commands with Control Transfer (PC to Toy):
Byte 0: 0
Byte 1: toyCommandByte
Byte 2: toyCommandByte

No Toy to PC USB reports exchanged.

Example Toy Command with Control Transfer: Move Left
Byte 0: 0
Byte 1: 0x0c
Byte 2: 0x0c Send…

Byte 0: 0
Byte 1: 0x14
Byte 2: 0x14 Send…

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