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Joystick Launcher Control on its way 6 February 2007

Posted by David Wilson in USB Missile.

Good news. I have a working version of the launcher software that can control the Missile Launcher using a joystick! Up, Down, Left, Right, and Fire! It’s fantastic and I’ve had a lot of fun already. There is a new preference pane that allows you to reverse the x and y axis’, hopefully select your fire button, and vary the sensitivity of the joystick.

I have two joysticks here, a Logitech Attack 3 and a Saitek Cyborg Evo Wireless. As it turns out not all USB joysticks are created as equals and I am having some difficultity with the Saitek. So I have more work to do before I can build a release for distribution.

And thanks to some feedback today I’ve built another preference pane, this time called Launcher. The idea is that the user can define the USB Vendor ID and USB Product ID to add additional launcher support. Of course this may or may not work.

I will carry on attempting to understand USB devices and working with them. What I probably need is a “Programming USB for Dummies Guide”. It could be quite a popular title if it actually existed. 🙂



1. MUslar - 19 February 2007

Wow, I really would like to test this one using my Competition pro USB Retro joystick ,-)

2. Nonoche - 19 February 2007

The armament race has just begun, as there’s a new launcher available, featuring a laser to aim:


think you’d add support for that? ^^,

Thanks a lot for the great work!

3. Mark - 6 March 2007

How about control via the Apple remote?

The one thing missing from my media centre is the ability to fire missiles 🙂

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