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USB Missile Launcher – 1.4e Release 2 February 2007

Posted by David Wilson in USB Missile.

This release has taken some time to get out!

What’s in the updated 1.4e release?

  • Added preference option for Camera enable/disable on startup
  • Message change for Launcher not connected when application starts
  • Added Preference option to reverse arrow keys
  • Updated kext drivers for DreamCheeky and the USB Missile Launcher
  • Added code that reads back the USB codes from the DreamCheeky Launcher so that it now does not exceed launcher travel limits
  • Source code will be available separately (it is been removed from the release file to reduce the size of the distributed file)

Please click in the download link in the sidebar.

Also in the side bar is a download link to the source code package.

See the BLOG home page for the latest Missile Launcher Developments https://dgwilson.wordpress.com.



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2. Josh Dye - 5 February 2007

Call me crazy, but I would like to be able to control my Rocket Launcher with my Apple™ IR Remote.. Even though it woud just be


3. David Wilson - 5 February 2007

Crazy that might be! 🙂

Some success today though. I’m now able to control the launchers using my Logitech Attach 3 Joystick. It seems to be working well at this stage. The joystick preferences need some work and I need to test with my other wireless joystick as well. All going well there will be another release out soon.

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5. jon - 6 February 2007

any plans to make it compatible with the circus cannon model?

6. David Wilson - 6 February 2007

Hi Jon…

It may work as it is now, or it may not. I don’t have access to the Circus Cannon so am unable to test.
I’d bet that the command set is identical for both DreamCheeky products, though the vendor id/product id may vary. I only work for the known vendor and product id’s. That’s just given me an idea, maybe I can have a preference option for users to specify their own? Hmmm, will take a little bit of work, maybe not too much.

If I get enough in the way of donations, then I can go and order one, in the mean time money is an issue. Sorry.

7. Tech blog » Blog Archive » Your Mac Can Launch Missiles, Thanks to Open Source Software - 7 February 2007

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9. Jason Bryant - 21 February 2007

I have a dual core 2 MacBook Pro and the latest driver, 1.4e does not work. I have verified that my Striker II model works by booting into windows via bootcamp and installed the supplied drivers and works great. Any ideas how to get this working?

10. Jason Bryant - 21 February 2007

From my Console log if it helps:
Feb 20 20:40:14 Optimus /Applications/USB Missile Launcher NZ/USB Missile Launcher NZ.app/Contents/MacOS/USB Missile Launcher NZ: __CGPixelAccessLockWindowAccess: access lock failed: error 1001.

11. Jason Bryant - 21 February 2007

David- Can you setup a free forum that is made for support/ideas? I think that you would get better feed back and faster response.

12. Phant - 28 February 2007

This is ace!

I bought the missile launcher off boyzstuff and I thought I was going to have to use Parallels or something to use it.

Anyway, driver CD didn’t work so i google’d missile launcher driver and it brought me here first and what do you know…….

There’s a Mac driver!

Anyway, noticed someone had posted they couldn’t get it to work on a Core2Duo MacBook…………..

1.4e works on mine fine…..

Keep up the good work…. Gonna order the ‘Chunky’ next

13. Steve - 3 March 2007

anyone ever get this to work with a pc? it appers that i am one on thousands of pc users that believed that this would work on a pc since thats what the drivers were for but after 2 or 3 commands it freezes up and dies like everyone elses. to sum it up i have to either reset the usb port or stop the program and restart it to tell it to move anothe half an inch to the left or right. What a waste. Hope someone can write a driver for it that works… And yes cheeky has made another 2 versions of the software since i got this for christmas and it still wont work for anyone.

14. Jimmy - 16 March 2007

There’s a very rudamentary version at http://www.before-reality.net/ul/Launcher.exe . There appear to be several people working out a better version, and I will be giving it a crack as well.

15. MusOX - 28 March 2007

Cannot get USB ML to work on Core2Duo MacBook Pro. Tried installing 1.3.3 and 1.4f. Works “fine” in Parallels. UI is horrible and off center.

– MusOX

16. David Wilson - 11 April 2007

With reference to the problem reported by MusOX, we’ve been working on this for the last month and might be onto something. For a update on this issue see https://dgwilson.wordpress.com/2007/04/11/usb-missile-launcher-nz-development-update-april-2007/

– David

17. Johan Mårtenson - 19 April 2007

Is it an HID device? I’m thinking of writing a linux driver for it since I can’t seem to find one online.

18. David Wilson - 24 April 2007


Have a look at this site for existing linux drivers.

19. Johan Mårtenson - 27 April 2007

Thanks for the pointer! I’m looking for some not too complex USB device to add support for in Linux as training at work, so the answer wasn’t really what I was hoping for. 🙂

Tips regarding such devices, preferably non-HID, which currently lack Linux support would be greatly appreciated!

20. Hack: USB Missile Launcher App for the Mac | everygizmo.com - 22 May 2007

[…] So, on a Mac and itching to fire off some USB? next get your game on here. […]

21. Joy - 27 August 2007

Hi, 2 quick questions.

Will this program work for the Rocket launcher as well as the Missile launcher?

How well does it work with the “laser guided” missile launcher?

I want to get a USB launcher of some sort as a gift for a friend who has a mac, and i want to make sure that it will work on his system.


22. David Wilson - 27 August 2007

The software works for the following launchers:


That is the Missile Launcher and Rocket launcher.

Support is also provided for the Laser guided launcher, although I don’t have one, it is working with support from around the globe.

So long as the friend has a mac that is running Mac 10.4 or later and preferably 10.4.9 or 10.4.10 the software runs.
Have fun. Good luck.

– David

23. Simon Mac OS 10.4.10 - 3 October 2007

I got a MacBook Pro intel and the USB rocket launcher (the green one). But I can’t seem to toggle the launcher up or down. I can only turn it to the left or right. Any ideas?

thanks /Simon

24. USB Missile Launcher - apfelquak - 28 November 2007

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25. Missiles Away at Jerry Parker - 1 January 2008

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26. Vincenzo Acinapura - 27 January 2008

Hi all, today I received my Wireless USB Missile Laucher after a month of wait (Dreamcheeky), but it seems that the software (1.4.10) can’t detect it 😦 I’m on Leopard. Any solution?


27. David Wilson - 27 January 2008

Rats. Unless I can get one of these launchers there is no way I can one to work.

If anyone can buy one for me and send it to me it would be appreciated…. please contact me if you’re able to help out.

28. Rebecca Taylor - 8 July 2008

I’ve just been given a missile launcher but with no software cd have you got a PC download for windows????

29. David Wilson - 8 July 2008

This should help.


Assumes you have a DreamCheeky branded launcher.

30. Usb Missile Launcher - 28 January 2009

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31. Comundody - 2 January 2010

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33. Tony Lucas - 31 August 2010

I recently brought one of these second hand with no software does anyone know where I can get Windows software for it.
I run windows 7.


34. 2010 in review « David’s Opinions - 2 January 2011

[…] USB Missile Launcher – 1.4e Release February 200733 comments 3 […]

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