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USB Missile Launcher – 1.4d Release – DreamCheeky Support 13 December 2006

Posted by David Wilson in USB Missile.

USB Rocket LauncherUSB Missile Launcher NZ can be used to control a USB Missile Launcher and the DreamCheeky Rocket Launcher. perform covert operations from your desk. Fire missiles at passing colleagues. Strap a camera on top of the Launcher and record the video of your covert operations.

The updated 1.4d has added support for DreamCheeky Rocket Launcher:

  • updated driver (kext) for USB Missile launcher to Universal Binary
  • created driver (kext) to support DreamCheeky Rocket launcher (Universal Binary)
  • launcher software controls both launchers at the same time
  • updated driver (kext) source code included in distribution
  • changed internal code for smoother control of the launcher (eliminating stop/start motion that is not present when you use the keyboard controls)
  • when controlling the launcher you can use the numeric keypad. For the DreamCheeky Rockey Launcher at least, you will get a finer motion control over the launcher
  • this release has had some problems in testing (I get an occasional “beach ball” – it pauses the application for a bit and goes away). As of this release the issue has not been identified


This release has had some problems in testing (I get an occasional “beachball” – it pauses the application for a bit and goes away). As of this release the issue has not been identified


When controlling the launcher you can use the numeric keypad. For the DreamCheeky Rockey Launcher at least, you will get a finer motion control over the launcher.


Please see the included ReadMe.rtf file for more details.

Plecase click on the download link in the sidebar for the latest release.



1. Josh D - 16 December 2006

Awsome, I’ll order one of those today…..

2. Andrew Bryan - 19 December 2006

The software that DreamCheeky gives is crap. Can you send me the protocol bits so that I may re-write it for windows? I tried to download the source code you posted for 1.4d but was unable to extract anything from the file (with dmg2iso).



3. Robert Oschler - 21 December 2006

I’m another Windows coder that would like to take a look at the source if you don’t mind. I’m the author of Robosapien Dance Machine, the open source robot control program for Windows/WowWee robot owners.:


4. dave - 24 December 2006

I have this exact launcher, the softare included is listed as it dies after attempting to target a few times. I downloaded the .dmg file and dmg2iso reports error.

partition 1…ERROR: inflation failed

5. David Wilson - 24 December 2006


The software supplied with the DreamCheeky Rocket launcher is for the Microsoft Windows operating system (hence version The software that I have is for the Mac OS X operating system and this will not work under Windows. I suspect this is the reason you have encountered an error.

6. Will Woodgate - 26 December 2006

The USB missile launcher works brilliantly on a 1.2GHz iBook, but fails to run on an eMac:

2006-12-25 11:40:17.664 SystemUIServer[245] lang is:en
2006-12-25 11:41:27.844 USB Missile Launcher NZ[362] checkVersion current >Version 1.4d betaVersion 1.4d betaVersion 1.4d betaVersion 1.4d betaVersion 1.4d betaVersion 1.4d beta

7. David Wilson - 26 December 2006

That’s wierd.
The Missile Launcher software is built and tested on an eMac 1.25Ghz. One thought I have had is that possibly the USB drivers (kext’s) have failed to correctly install. They are in /System/Library/Extensions and both start with USB in the file name. From memory (I’m not at home) they should have ownership of root:wheel.

Thanks for the report, hopefully I will be able to narrow down what the issue is and issue a fix.

8. Brandon - 26 December 2006

Do you know of any available source code for windows (or a working release) for this launcher? I’ve found your’s and a linux release, but no windows one yet. Is it possible to even make the mac source easily available to us windows users? Thanks!

9. Will Woodgate - 26 December 2006

Thanks for your reply,
I don’t have a ‘root’ ownership preference on either my eMac or iBook, but the iBook works fine with the ownerships it has already – [username]:[username]. Another anomaly I have noticed is the Change Capture File field reads “/Users/Will/Desktop/USB Missile Launcher NZ.mov” on the working machine, but “mCaptureToField” on the non working machine. Of any help to you?!

10. Gino - 27 December 2006

Hi David,

Yet another windows guy looking for guidance. I see you have had a couple of requests for easy to get at source code/and or advice. I’d just like to chime in as well as I like the dream cheeky device, but find it’s lack of an api disappointing.

11. JonBoy - 27 December 2006

Hi David,

Do you know if this kernel extension would work with other dreamcheeky devices such as the USB Roll-up Piano which uses the Holtec HT82K96E controller chip?


12. Mike Crist - 28 December 2006

FYI – my launcher uses Holtek HT82M99E, not HT82K96E

13. Bill Dye - 30 December 2006
14. Brian Henke - 31 December 2006

Yet another windows guy. Do you have any source code or binary protocol for any platform?

15. Brandon - 3 January 2007

Brian, if you check the windows tab up above you can find the usb binary calls to make, as well as a link to my download for my quick windows interface, which I am still developing.

16. RoboRealm - 3 January 2007

If you’re interested you can use RoboRealm to program the USB Missile Launcher from a PC. There is a demo on how to setup the system to control the launcher from a USB PC Joystick.


While not terribly exact these devices are great fun esp. given the price point!


17. Dan - 5 January 2007


Here is a linux implementation using libusb and curses. There is only basic functionality, but its something.

Thanks for the help Dave!

18. Will Woodgate - 7 January 2007

Hi again.
USB missile launcher is working great now. Adobe Photoshop destroyed the base system on my OS X system disk and I had to reinstall Tiger again following some very serious booting and system maintenance issues. When I bought my user accounts back onto the system via Target Disk Mode, USB Missile launcher worked perfectly without any reinstall.
Thank’s for you help and support anyway and good luck with getting your eMac working again!

19. Britt - 10 January 2007

1.4d with the dream cheeky beachballs constantly on my 1.67 G4 PB, but on my 867G4 TiBook I have no problems. On the Aluminum PB the cannon will turn a few degrees and then beachball.

I’ll mess with this some more and see if I can better characterize the beachball conditions.


20. Josh D - 11 January 2007

I would liike to customize tthe keys that you use to move/fire, I would also like t if the program could catvh keystrokes m (move/fire nomatter what program is active

21. fatal - 11 January 2007

Linux (and hopefully anything supported by http://libusb.sf.net) version with GTK+ interface available at http://www.fatal.se/fulhack/ahmissile/

I see that someone has already posted a comment above about implementing it for linux… Sucks that I didn’t find out about this until now… Oh well…

Code available and licensed under the GNU GPLv2 if anyone wants it…

22. Your Friend At Dream Cheeky - 31 January 2007


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23. jamye - 3 February 2007

how about a working software version for windows xp that does not hang the computer

24. Jason - 18 February 2007

Another Windows XP user that can’t get the DreamCheeky software to do anything but hang the computer…could really use a little help, or at least some support from DreamCheeky.

25. Anthony - 10 May 2007

Hi guys, I’m working on a similar project just for the DreamCheeky USB Rocket Launcher. Its written completely in C# Using SharpDevelop(open source IDE much like VS 2005), using .NET 2.0 Framework.

I’ve only been working on it two days now, but I have a lot done. Its still a bit buggy and there are some unfinished features, but check what I have so far:

I need help finishing the program, mainly because this is my first attempt at talking to hardware without a handy driver and API. I need help understanding USBlib and how to get the status code off of the launcher. If you’re interested in helping me, please let me know through my site, or preferably email me @ anthony.mason1@gmail.com. I plan on open sourcing this project fully just as soon as I get a couple of more features done.

26. darren - 26 September 2008

are there osx mac drivers available for the usb roll-up drum kit and piano?


Ben Schmidt - 26 December 2009

I got one of these last Christmas, but I have a Mac. Finally, this Christmas, I got around to writing a driver for it. I mean, why not? It runs in Terminal and translates the drumkit hits to MIDI messages which you can use to control GarageBand or Logic or send out a MIDI interface to control MIDI hardware. Doesn’t have any of the fancy learning modes or anything, though; just lets you play it. Email mail_ben_schmidt at yahoo com au if you’re interested.

Ben Schmidt - 26 April 2010

I have updated my driver. It now has a nicer interface, and works for both the drum kit and the piano. It is available here:


27. Hazzerdo - 6 April 2009

Please help me!

Your software doesn’t work with my mac, it just always says that the launcher isn’t connected, but I know it is. I.ve been right the way through the read-me but all the solutions you had don’t do anything.

I have a Mac Mini 2.0ghz with 1gb of ram. It runs OS X 10.5.5.

Please help me!


David Wilson - 6 April 2009

This is a problem, I have not had this reported before.

Which launcher do you have?
The Infrared DreamCheeky one? That one is not supported by an released software (although I do have a beta version I can send to you).

The Mac Mini and OS level should be fine. I do need to know what launcher you have.

Oh, you can run the “Console” program in the utilities folder, then run the launcher software. Some messages will be put into the system.log file (or the other one). That will give us a clue as to what is happening as well.

28. Hazzerdo - 27 July 2009

I have the Satzumer grey one. With the white and red missiles.

29. Gord - 9 December 2009

haha this thing looks great! I want one for the office.

30. 2010 in review « David’s Opinions - 2 January 2011

[…] USB Missile Launcher – 1.4d Release – DreamCheeky Support December 200632 comments 4 […]

31. Connie - 18 January 2011

So I am in a remote location and tried to find an external webcam. Seems somebody installed one of these rocket launcher in front of our NOC. I quickly grabed the camera with the hopes I could find drivers online and use it. Not so, where can I find the software for this camera? Every time I do a driver update it just comes up as Unknown. I am working with either windows 7 or XP. ANy help would be appreciated. Thanks

Steve - 17 March 2011

I’m also looking for same did you get any responce to your request.

32. logan - 9 October 2011

i just got a storm oic and i cannot find out where to download the softwhere anywhere. can anyone help?

David Wilson - 9 October 2011


and click on the right icon for the mac software

– David

33. fun for whole family - 19 November 2011

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David Wilson - 1 March 2014

Thanks for asking. You’re most welcome to quote the articles. Thank you.

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