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USB Rocket Launcher and Mac OS X 30 November 2006

Posted by David Wilson in USB Missile.

I have ordered tonight from ThinkGeek a DreamCheeky USB Rocket Launcher (as pictured below)

USB Rocket Launcher

Here is hoping that when it arrives there won’t be too much work to get the Missile Launcher software working with this.

Just so that we are clear here, the USB Missile Launcher NZ software, as at today – 30 November 2006, only works for the launcher as pictured below.

Launcher Picture Up Left

So the “Rocket Launcher” is scheduled to ship in a day or two by DHL. Fingers crossed for a speedy delivery and a passage straight through customs.



1. Finnboghi - 2 December 2006

Excellent, I’ve been eyeing the Rocket Launcher for a little while now, but didn’t see anything about Mac software…

I like the ‘Rocket’ as opposed to the ‘Missile’, since it looks a lot nicer…


2. Joshua Dye - 3 December 2006

forget boout looks! it has a range of 15ft!!

3. Finnboghi - 4 December 2006

That too! πŸ˜‰

4. Joshua Dye - 4 December 2006
5. David Wilson - 6 December 2006

Rocket Launcher has arrived.
A simple change of the USB Vendor ID and USB Product ID has not worked.
Now the USB “Launch Codes” will need to reverse engineered.
After an hour or so of working on it tonight I have some basic control of the Rocket Launcher. More work is needed on this and I would like the ability to not only handle the different launchers but also have both types plugged in and controlled at once.
I will keep you posted.

6. David Wilson - 8 December 2006

Work has continued this evening with great results.

The operating system kext IO driver has been updated
The launcher program is now able to identify the correct launcher for issuing commands to
Both launchers (different brands) work together

I need to figure out what is wrong with the “Fire” code on the new launcher (it sets up a continuious fire at present).

7. David Wilson - 10 December 2006

I’m into testing the launcher software at the moment. With both launchers working well. I have been the victim of a missile strike, I was watching one launcher when I fired not realising that the other was pointing straight at me.

It’s interesting to note that the DreamCheeky launcher has almost a 360 degree rotation, not so good on the elevation though.

I have struck a problem in testing, I have a 400MHz G4 running 10.5 and I can’t control the DreamCheeky rocket launcher. The problem here is that I don’t know if the issue is related to the speed of the G4 (seems rather odd) or if it’s 10.5. As a result I have split the driver kext into two. But it still gave the same result.

8. Chad Trexler - 11 December 2006

I’ve been eyeing that on ThinkGeek, but didn’t know whether or not there was a Mac driver… let us know when you get it working, and how you did it! Thanks…

9. Enrique Corona - 12 December 2006

Hi, do you need beta testers for the rocket launcher? πŸ™‚

10. Martin Miller - 13 December 2006

Dude, this is waaaay cool! I am about to become development manager over a pool of programmers and this could be the solution to my staffing problems.

One query, where in New Zealand do you get the hardware? I saw something similar looking in JCar the other day?!

11. Brian - 29 December 2006

Hi Dave,

Any new news on the mac launcher? I have one of these pieces of hardware on the way but will need mac software. I’m hoping I won’t have to start from scratch. Are you posting your source?

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