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USB Missile Launcher – 1.4c Release 17 November 2006

Posted by David Wilson in USB Missile.


I made an error with the distribution of the 1.4b release and included a updated USB driver that had not been properly tested. This release addresses that issue by reverting back to the old driver (kext). From the release notes:

  • The wrong USB Missile Launcher driver (kext) was included with the 1.4b beta release. This release now includes the originally distributed driver (kext).
  • Added an “Action” menu. Allows additional keyboard commands like Cmd-U to unlock the launcher.

Plecase click on the download link in the sidebar for the latest release.



1. Marcus Meredith - 19 November 2006


I have a Powerbook and just purchased the Missle Launcher but just read about how you added the video support. I don’t like to carry a large number of peripherals with me (I’m a school teacher of physics and chemistry) so can you recommend a USB/ Firewire camera you might use on the lancher. Since I wil be using the USB port and don’t want to carry a hub to the USB 2.0 port, can I the USB 1.0 port for the Launcher? I gave my iSight camera to my dad to video conference with him, so how about a cheaper Firewire camera? Suggestions very much appreciated. E-mail me please. Thanks lots!!

2. David Wilson - 19 November 2006

Hi Marcus…

Regarding the Video support, I have tested it with an iSight and my Firewire DV camera. In theory it should work with any Firewire camera. I’d be interested to know if you are able to test the software with any other sorts of camera and how you get on. Sorry I can’t make any recommendations. I do not know what “budget” or “compact” style cameras are available.

Regarding the USB. I have connected the USB Launcher to the connectors in the Apple keyboard which I believe are USB 1 ports. So you should be fine with a USB 1 hub.

– David

3. Marcus Meredith - 21 November 2006

I just got the Missile Launcher today and purchased a Logitech QuickCam Chat USB connected and them used the maccam drivers and it seems to work just fine. I do have a question: Can I make the video screen any bigger because right now it seems rather small? As for the controls, the launcher seems to respond quite well! I used the camera mounted to the launcher with some very strong rubber bands and it zeroed in well with the launcher. Any ways, if you have some suggestions on settings I should try, please let me know… Thanks.

4. Alex Tsai - 30 November 2006

Hi, David,

I just tried USB Missile Launcher 1.4c earlier today on my iMac G5, and I found it didn’t work with my DreamCheeky USB Missile Launcher (new version) and USB Circus Cannon. I don’t know what to do. Will you release a newer version that will resolve my problem. Thanks.

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