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USB Missile Launcher v1.4b – Trouble Shooting 16 November 2006

Posted by David Wilson in USB Missile.

I have had some of reports of problems with the USB Missile Launcher NZ v1.4b software release and am presently trying to figure out what’s going on.

[Update: 22:32 NZDT – I have discovered the issue. I mistakenly included a new driver for the USB Missile Launcher – it does not work properly. I need to re-package the distribution and re-release. I intend to do this after work tomorrow. Please accept my apologies for this error].

I have a workaround which may work and some software removal instructions for you.

A. Work Around.
1. Go to your “Applications” folder
2. Go to the “USB Missile Launcher NZ” folder
3. Go to the “USB Launcher Driver and Source” folder
4. Go to the “kext and simple Application folder”
5. unzip the file “Missile Control.app.zip”
6. Run the application Missile Control
7. This should allow you to control the launcher using the arrow keys on the keyboard. I tried it this evening and it did briefly. It seems to clear a “blockage”. Then the program stopped working properly.
8. Quit Missile Control
9. Run USB Missile launcher NZ
10. if we’re lucky, launcher control has returned!!! ya!!!!

It would help if you could look in the “Console.log” file (run the Console program in the Utilities folder). Copy the text in here that relates to the missile launcher and send it to me. You will see various pieces of text when you plug and unplug the missile launcher.

B. Software Removal Instructions
1. Move the USB Missile Launcher NZ folder (located in the Applications folder) to the trash
2. The file “/System/Library/Extensions/USB Missile Launcher.kext” can also be moved to the trash.
3. Restart your Mac.

My apologies for the inconvenience, I hope to find out what is happening soon.



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