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USB Missile Launcher – 1.4b Release 5 November 2006

Posted by David Wilson in General.


I hope you are enjoying your USB Missile Launchers and continuing to create havock in the work place and at home!

The updated 1.4 release adds some new functionality and fixes a number of minor bugs

  • Missile Launcher window will now remain the active windw after showing the video preview window
  • Added feedback dialog window. Automatically sends E-Mail when send button is pressed. Is dependant on 10.4 system e-mail configuration.
  • Added Application help functionality, added help text
  • Added ability to check for application updates over the internet – autochecks on application launch
  • Corrected spelling error on Sound Control Panel

Here is a picture of the “Video Window” with target in sight:

Missile launcher Video Window

Here is a picture of the new Missile Launcher Main Window (well new for the video release of the software anyway)

Missile Launcher Main Window

Plecase click on the download link in the sidebar for the latest release.



1. Aaron Gyes - 10 November 2006

Hi, do you have any plans to open-source this? t appears that you’re not trying to profit on the toy, and freeware helps noone. I’d like to try to hack on this a bit.

2. David Peredo - 10 November 2006

Agreed! I actually came to the website to request/see if it was open source. =D

3. David Wilson - 10 November 2006

Source code is included in the distribution.
Has been since its first release.

– David

4. Orion - 15 November 2006

Do you know if this will work with this http://usb.brando.com.hk/prod_detail.php?prod_id=00189 kind of missile launcher? Do you have any inclination of whether the drivers would work?

5. Rainer Wolf - 16 November 2006


i have the missile launcher but with your mac software i cant controll it. Can you help me. Nothing does compute

6. David Wilson - 16 November 2006

Please refer to https://dgwilson.wordpress.com/2006/11/16/usb-missile-launcher-v14b-trouble-shooting/ for details on problem analysis and potential work around.

7. David Wilson - 16 November 2006

This looks very exciting!


It may work if it uses the same chip set, ID, and Manufacture Code detail. I will need to get one to figure this out.

8. Mike - 11 December 2006

This is great, We are going to use them for robotic combat fights with ER1 robots, Maybe use a cam mounted on the launcher to see the action. Good stuff.

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