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Video Support – USB Missile Launcher 4 October 2006

Posted by David Wilson in General.

USBMissileLauncherThe most requested feature enhancement – add video so that I can target my ‘victim’ – to the USB Missile Launcher software is currently under development.
Soon you will be able to mount your iSight or other Video camera ontop of your USB Missile Launcher, track your target, and fire!
You will probably have to come up with some elaborate mounting mechanism for the camera as it will not fit naturally.
I need some feedback though… Are there any requirements to “record” the video feed. If I need to record, there seems to be a greater coding effort. At the moment I have a working version simply by using Quartz Composer (no coding required!!) but this (I don’t think) will allow the video stream to be recorded. And there is possibly another complication. With Quartz Composer you may not be able to choose your camera (if you have more than one – if you have a Mac with built-in iSight and another remote camera mounted on the Launcher – I don’t know which camer will be used). Quartz Composer is great, but I might have to move away from it.



1. djnews24 - 6 October 2006

I saw a Motion Tracking Video on Yuutube maybe this would be cool, too… πŸ˜‰ Do it that would rock!

2. usblaunchman - 15 December 2006

I agree. Motion tracking is most important feature. Recording is far second.

3. TehArmsDealer - 19 September 2009

Video, not so much. What I want is more of a tracking sys as well. I would like to have laser ranging and tracking, such as the laser isn’t simply a pretty red dot. It would emit pulses of laser (like at 2.4 GHz), and the laser reciever watches for the reflection. With this information (velocity, distance, transversal velocity), the user could write a firing script that would account for gravity and drag, making the darts literally pinpoint accurate. (btw, what is the drag coefficient on these darts, anyway?) It can find the range of the target by calculating the reflection against the speed of light, and take note on the changes in position. Initially, it would make a scan of the room and memorize what is not a target. After that, it would randomly scan the room, compairing information from the map to what the laser actually sees. Once it finds something moving, it would alert the desk jockey that it found a charlie, and keeps tracking it until the user decides to ignore the target, keep a laser on it, or fire. A new office arms race could happen, ppl making autofire scripts, long distance sniping, etc. You know what? go ahead and throw a camera mount on there too. A good software feature would be target information overlaying the video feed, giving the afore mentioned info along with stores remaining, a nifty lasing box with center crosshairs, and maybe even a way to ID different targets if you want to get fancy.

I would pay $100 for it, and probably buy a cluster of them. Nothing says “back off” like saying “I’m lasing you.”

A couple of things to watch out for is the intensity of the laser. I used to work on FLIR in the navy, and my lasers cause instant retinal destruction if the eyes arent properly shielded. But I dont think you would be tracking office foes at 100 nautical miles away lol!

Anyway, it sounds too expensive to come true. Cheers!

4. TehArmsDealer - 19 September 2009

Also, slightly unrelated, I would like to see an automatic dart loader that can load a bandolier of extra darts.

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