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Mac OS X – USB Missile Launcher v1.3 – Released 1 August 2006

Posted by David Wilson in General.

It’s released!

Here are the details of the changes in version 1.3:

Major Revision of USB Internals and other cosmetic changes
– Replaced Fire with Red Button
– Added Triple Fire Button
– Corrected timing on Test and Park buttons
– Cosmetic changes to layout of Launcher control screen
– Added Nuclear Klaxon sound to certain button operations
– Added USB driver support for multiple USB Rocket Launchers!
– Added detection of USB Rocket Launcher connection while program running (Hot Plug!)
– Added detection of USB Rocket Launcher removal while program running (Hot unplug!)
– Added version history and readme details to the About Dialog box
– Altered autolock preverences – a zero value will never lock the launcher now
– Altered attributes on main window so that resizing is not allowed
– Lock out test and park button functions while sequence in progress
Note: I’ve had to remove the old version (1.2) from the server because of disk space restrictions with my ISP. Please accept my apologies for any inconvience.

Plecase click on the download link in the sidebar for the latest release.



1. Alexander Coers - 2 August 2006

Hi David!

Thanks for this App! But it would be wise if you change the installation directory for the kext from /System/Library to /Library because the former is reserved for system extensions from Apple. The other one is the place where user extensions should be placed.


2. Esben - 3 August 2006

Hello David

I’m currently studying to become a software engineer, and just bought the Missile Launcher for fun.

I have mounted at camera on to it and now i would like to write the software needed. Du you have some kind of API or librarys i possibly could use?

Note: ‘m using VS 2005 and programming to Windowsplatform.

Hope you can help me out, so i dont have to do alle the work you’ve allready done..

3. David Wilson - 3 August 2006

Hi Alex…

Thank you for the feedback about where to place the kext file. I will look to address that in the next release.

– David

4. David Wilson - 3 August 2006

Hi Esben…

I have not used Visual Studio on Windows so am unable to be of much help with your quest of integrating a Camera into the software. You would probably have to start your investigations from scratch by finding sample USB code and building your own launcher control then integrating the camera.

If you’re really lucky you will be able to find a freeware launcher that someone else has written thus enabling you to concentrate on the camera integration only.

5. Tom Lawton - 9 August 2006

Hi David-

thanks for this fabulously unnecessary app- When I saw it listed at VersionTracker, I instantly went and ordered a launcher from the GoogleAd!
A couple of thoughts…
Can you do a simultaneous salvo- 3 at once- or does the hardware prevent?

Sound preferences, so it can be used in stealth mode… πŸ™‚

A web Interface so I can launch it remotely to watch my cats chase missiles! (I’d mount coaxial webcam for aiming…!)

Great job, though, even without wishlist!


6. David Wilson - 13 August 2006


> Can you do a simultaneous salvo- 3 at once- or does the hardware prevent?

It seems as though the hardware prevents a “Salvo” launch. I have tried to issue the Fire command rapidly to get the 3 fire launch effect and it does not work.

> Sound preferences

Great idea!

7. David Wilson - 17 August 2006

Sound preferences are coded and being tested. I’m also letting you choose your own Launch and Klaxon sounds (aiff or wav).

8. David Wilson - 20 August 2006

Alex wrote on 2 August:
> it would be wise if you change the installation directory for the kext from /System/Library to /Library because the former is reserved for system extensions from Apple

Hi Alex.
I’ve taken a look at this and experimented. I have put the kext file in a new folder called /Library/Extensions but it is not picked up by the operating system. It must live in /System/Library/Extensions.

Anyway what is this kext file doing?
Further The launcher software will operate without the kext file, however additional kernel CPU is consumed. The purpose of the kext file in this case is to tell the OS to leave the device alone (something else will take care of it).

9. Alexander Coers - 13 September 2006

Hmmm. Strange.
There must be a way to do this, since it is recommended by Apple.

BTW.: I did this with another kext and after reboot the System complained about wrong/missing kext owner and permissions. So this kext was picked up (but it is not a kext for an USB device)


10. Scott Barnes - 17 November 2006

Is there anyway I can get a version that works with 10.3.9? I have 10.4 on my desktop, but now my laptop needs the missile launcher.


11. sean & piers - 8 December 2006

I second Scott Barnes’ message! Have a brand new launcher, and two Macs on OS10.3.9, – and an ongoing no-launch situation.

As someone said – Houston, we have aproblem.

Any thoughts?

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