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Hot Plug and Play – USB Missile Launchers – Mac OS X 31 July 2006

Posted by David Wilson in General.

Launcher Picture Up LeftDevelopment on the “USB Missile Launcher NZ” program has continued at an exciting pace!

I’m pleased to report that the program now detects the connection (and disconnection) of multiple USB Missile Launches without having to restart the software.

Below are the list of changes that have been completed and will be available in the next public release.

– Replaced Fire with Red Button
– Added Triple Fire Button
– Corrected timing on Test and Park buttons
– Cosmetic changes to layout of Launcher control screen
– Added Nuclear Klaxon sound to certain button operations
– Added USB driver support for multiple USB Rocket Launchers!
– Added detection of USB Rocket Launcher connection while program running (Hot Plug!)
– Added detection of USB Rocket Launcher removal while program running (Hot unplug!)
– Added version history and readme details to the About Dialog box
– Altered autolock preverences – a zero value will never lock the launcher now
– Altered attributes on main window so that resizing is not allowed



1. moldor - 1 August 2006

Add a webcam to the top of the missile launcher and stream it onto the web !

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