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Cocoa Source – USB Missile launcher – SS_PrefsController 1 July 2006

Posted by David Wilson in General.

USBMissileLauncherI have re-released the USB Missile Launcher NZ with updated source code, version 1.2b. No functionality has changed for the launcher.

I have made a change to the source code so that the preferences subsystem is now Universal. Further I have tidied up and included the updated preferencePane XCode  projects. The previous implementation used Legacy Cocoa Bundles. The issues that I was having with Legacy Cocoa Bundles and “normal” Cocoa Bundles have been resolved.

I have written up some documentation for Matt Gremmell on the SS_PrefsController source and provided this to Matt. Hopefully he will release a new SS_PrefsController package soon. I’ve built some documentation with screen shots and example source code on the tips and tricks for getting these preference panes working with your program. It is relatively easy to get working and can save you a lot of time “re-inveting the wheel”. Matt’s preferences subsystem is very good and will save you quite some time – if you follow the documentation.

Did you know that I have a shareware screensaver for Mac OS X? – LogoSaver – Please consider paying the shareware fee, it’s only US$5.00. The software also appears on VersionTracker and MacUpdate.

Have Fun.



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